We treasure the role we play in the lives of your grandchildren! 
We would love your support in our mission of providing them with a quality, affordable Jewish education.   
Feel free to browse different ways you can be involved below:

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See Pictures of Your Grandchildren at School!

Click here to see what your grandchildren are up to by following our Facebook page.

Check out the Schools section of the Jewish Link of New Jersey to see weekly updates and pictures from inside He'Atid!

Submit a Grandparent Nachat Note

We get nachat from your nachat! Visit this page to share a story about your He'Atid student(s) making you proud, and we will print and hang your note on our Grandparent Nachat Board!  Suggested donation: $18 per note.

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Ways You Can Support He'Atid

Email grandparents@yeshivatheatid.org to find out ways you can help out, whether you live in town or are only here periodically.

Sponsor a Day of Learning:
Click here to sponsor a day of learning at our school.  An email will go out to the school, your sponsorship will be posted on Facebook, and you can request an e-certificate for yourself or for someone else.   Sponsorships are $100, and can we recommend booking in advance.  

Support Vendors Who Support Us:
Click here for a list of vendors who support us when you support them.  Some easy ways to raise money for the school are by clipping Box Tops for Education or using www.smile.amazon.com to make all of your Amazon purchases.  Simply select Yeshivat He'Atid as your school of choice once, and every time you want to shop amazon, shop through smile.amazon.com and He'Atid will receive a portion of your purchase.  

Make a Donation:
We are passionate about delivering quality affordable Jewish education in a warm, midot-centered environment. The needs of our growing school are many. Please consider donating online by clicking here or sending a check to the school. Whether you choose to donate occasionally or regularly, we are grateful for your support. To learn more about our mission and the impact of our model or for information on dedication opportuntities email development@yeshivatheatid.org.

Grandparents at He'Atid!

Email pictures of grandparents at He'Atid to grandparents@yeshivatheatid.org to be added to the gallery!