Dear Parents and Grandparents,
We would love for you to be involved.  Our amazing volunteers make our high-quality programming possible. Below is our Volunteer Form.  When you check that you would like to volunteer for a certain event, we then put your name on an email list so we can be in touch with you when we start planning that event.  You may then be involved in whatever capacity works for you.  You can help plan an event, help pick up food, arrive early to set up, check in families at the event, be at the school for a shift of the Book Fair….

There are so many ways to be involved.  All of our family events are on Sundays and our parent events are on Saturday nights.  Whether you work out of the house full-time, part-time or work from home, there are opportunities for you to be involved at whatever level you feel comfortable with.

The YHPA is always open to discussing our plans and programs for the upcoming year, as well as looking for suggestions and feedback.

We are looking forward to a great year and are already working on exciting events and programs.  We hope you join us!

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