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When celebrating a child’s birthday in school, the school’s policy is to encourage parents to buy a gift for the classroom in lieu of giving out goody bags to all the kids.  To make the process easier for you, the YHPA has created Amazon Wish Lists for each class - nursery through fifth grade, as well as art, gym, and music options.  The teachers have added items to the lists, in a variety of price ranges, that they feel would enhance your child’s classroom.   


To purchase an item for your child’s class please follow these instructions:

1- Click the link for your child’s class

2- Find an item you would like to give and add it to your cart

3- When checking out, please select the Yeshivat He'Atid Gift Registry Address as the address the item/s will be shipped to

4- If it is an option, click the “This is a gift” checkbox (when the item is in your cart) or “Add gift options” link (further in the check-out process).  

5- To ensure that the gift makes it safely to the proper classroom please email the classroom teacher to let them know that you have sent a gift that they should look out for. 

6- If you clicked “This is a gift” or “Add gift options” you can write a card- please include your child’s name and class. PLEASE NOTE: Even if you DO select this option Amazon often does NOT include the gift message! Please do not forget to email the classroom teacher so that they know to expect and look out for a package.

Please email us if you have any questions!

Toddler- Morah Elana -

Nursery A- Morah Carmela -

Nursery B- Morah Gabee -

PreK A- Morah Naomi -

PreK- B- Morah Meredith -

KA- Morah Eileen -

KB- Morah Tzippy -

KC- Morah Leora -

1A & 1B- Mrs. Gluck & Morah Osnat -

1C- Ms. East and Morah Meital -

2A & 2B- Morah Vicky and Morah Rachel -

2C- Morah Leiku and Morah Meital -

3A & 3B- Mrs. Salkin and Morah Rivka -

4A & 4B- Mrs. Novick and Morah Inbar -

5A & 5B- Mrs. Kerbel and Moreh Boaz-

Mrs. Ariela Brum-

Art- Jennifer Lipstein -

Gym- Ariel Rodriguez -

Music- Stacey Maphour -