Start celebrating our 5th school year with Wristbonds,
our fun summer contest that connects students and friends of all ages! 

We will deliver your order to your house.
The Wristbond fun will continue all year with new chances to earn limited edition bands....

Step 1

Order Wristbonds now and each student will receive 5 Wristbonds in his/her grade color to hold or to trade.
($5 suggested donation)

Step 2

Trade 4 of your grade color Wristbonds with friends and students in other grades to complete your unique set of 5 different colors.

Step 3

Post a picture of you and your unique Wristbonds collection on Facebook, tag @YeshivatHeAtid, use hashtag #5For5 and you’ll earn a limited edition Friendship Wristbond!


Fill out this form to request your Wristbonds.
You will be directed to a payment page you may use if you would like to make a donation for your bands.
Note: Click "Other" to donate an amount other than $5 flat.

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