Treating our Torah as a Torat Chayim is an integral part of our mission at Yeshivat He’Atid. Torah should be perceived as a lifestyle that goes beyond the four walls of our Yeshiva. Talmud Torah at home is as important as the learning done at school.

This spirit is what animates our “V’dibarta Bam” Talmud Torah program. This program is named for the commandment we are given to have the words of Torah with us always. Continuing with this theme, the program has three parts:

בשבתך בביתך - discussing the Torah learned in school for five minutes each school night.

ובלכתך בדרך - learning Torah on vacation days.

ובשכבך ובקומך - learning a quick word of Torah at bedtime.


A checklist will be sent home each month with a list for each of the three parts written above (see attached sample). At the end of the month, students can bring the checklists in to receive an award. Awards will given out for full, majority, and partial participation. Students will also be acknowledged in He’Atid Achshav and on display at school.

For Sukkot and Pesach, the program is adjusted to encourage participation in the mitzvot hachag.

Click here to download the checklist and learning packet for Sukkot.

To help with providing learning material, we will continue to send home the following (see linked samples): 

He’Atid Achshav’s Parsha Place

A parsha sheet that is studied b’chavruta during Kabbalat Shabbat with Rav Ronen

A few pages of short halachot (one or two sentences each) to learn before bedtime

Talmud Israeli - Daf HaYomi for Children (See explanation below)

In addition, our students are, of course, encouraged to discuss the weekly parsha at the Shabbat table.

Wristbond Prizes!
Each award is worth a point value:
Keter Torah - 3 points
Torat Chayim - 2 points
Osek BaTorah - 1 points
Once a child earns 8 points, he or she will receive a Keter Torah wristbond. More than one wristbond can be earned. 

We hope to continue to strengthen the bonds between home and school with initiatives such as this. May the Torah our students learn at school and at home inspire them to have a love of Torah learning wherever they might be.

Talmud Israeli

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As many of you may recognize, both men and women have been learning Daf Yomi for years.  Daf Yomi is literally a Daf--page--from the Gemara that is studied each Yom--day.  The Daf Yomi has never been geared towards children before but now you and your child will have the opportunity to learn together and delve into the rich teachings of the Gemara on a level all children will be able to understand.  This Talmud Israeli geared for children will follow the same Daf as the adults who learn it as well.  While this program might prove to be designed for older children, as in grades 4th and 5th, all children can really gain a love of learning, especially if they are sharing the experience of delving into the Talmud Yisraeli with you by their side.

Every Friday, with He’Atid Achshav, we will send you an attachment of the Daf Yomi (in Hebrew and in English) where you will have the opportunity to print out the Daf and learn it with your child.  In addition to the weekly email, we will send a hard copy with every student in 4th and 5th grades.  You and your child will get familiar with the past, with the Masoret (traditions) and with the Talmud Yisraeli that was created over 2000 years ago yet is still relevant, fascinating and alive even today.

We would like to encourage you to spend a few minutes every Shabbat to learn with your children in chevruta and connect with them to the traditions and the experience of Torah study.  The Talmud Yisraeli is a new venture that encompasses the entire Talmud and gives us all the foundations for our culture, the huge collection of our rich sefarim and our Jewish heritage.