KidStuff Coupon Books

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KidStuff Coupon Books


They're Here!

KidStuff Books will be for sale through Chanukah.

KidStuff Books are packed with coupon savings for you and your family-- from H&M to Six Flags and Century21 to Lego.  Click here to browse the coupons you'll get in your Bergen County KidStuff book.

Each book costs $25, and half of the purchase price is donated to Yeshivat He'Atid.

Help us raise funds for the school while you save!

KidStuff books make great gifts and we are happy to offer editions for various counties in NJ as well as NY.  The Bergen County edition is available immediately.  All other editions will be sent to us in a couple of weeks and then they will be sent home to you.

Every family that sells 5 books gets one book for free, so send your friends and family the link to this page to buy their KidStuff books and tell them to enter your child's name as the seller so we can keep track.  

You may either pick up your orders at the Fall Meet & Greet on Sunday, October 18th or we will send them home with your children.

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