5th & 6th Grade Shabbaton- March 16-17 2018

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Friday Afternoon
We will be heading to Monster Mini-Golf in Paramus straight from school. The plan is to be there from 2:15 to 4:00. We are in need of volunteers to drive. 

After golf, drivers will take students back home or to their hosts' homes. Students going directly to hosts should leave their belongings at He'Atid and drivers will stop at school to pick the stuff up. We are in need of volunteers to drive students home from golf. Click here to fill out the Volunteer Form.

Please make sure your children know whether they are heading to their hosts after golf or back home to get ready. If your children are going back home, it's up to you to get them to their hosts.


Friday Night - Sixth Grade Only
Mincha at TABC is at 6:50. Parents whose children are being hosted are asked to drive students to shul before Shabbat. Please coordinate the driving to TABC among yourselves. 

After shul, we will eat dinner at school and have some brief programming. We anticipate leaving He'Atid to walk back around 10pm. Faculty will take care of walking students back home.


Shabbat Day/Afternoon
Shacharit at TABC is at 9:00. I will send out a list of walking groups and create WhatsApp chats for each walking group so we can plan which parents will walk and where the meeting spots will be. No children should walk to shul without being accompanied by an adult.

We will participate in the TABC minyan's kiddush for Shabbat Mevarchim and then head to He'Atid. At school we will will have programming, eat lunch, learn Torah, have fun, and eat Se'udat Shlishit. We anticipate leaving He'Atid to walk back around 5pm. Faculty will take care of walking students back home.


Shabbat Late Afternoon
After se'udat shlishit, students will return to hosts' homes. If plans are made for students to go elsewhere to hang out, please let us know beforehand so that we can properly arrange the walking groups. Parents, please work out pickups (during or after Shabbat) privately. 


Please email Rav Daar with any questions.