Yeshivat He’Atid is thrilled to be celebrating the State of Israel as we join in marching in the Israel Day Parade on Sunday, June 4th! 

Our 4th and 5th grade classes will be marching down Fifth Avenue, and we welcome parents, faculty and students, to join in the celebration by walking with us or cheering on from the sidelines. The parade is a wonderful opportunity to show our support for Israel and participation is an important part of the YH experience for our students.

Spectators and Marchers

If you would like to march with us or show your support from the sidelines, t-shirts and caps will be available for purchase as well. The cost for both the cap and t-shirt is $15. Please fill out the form below and submit payment by May 15, 2017. If you have any questions, please email

4th and 5th Grade Students

Please note that participating in the Israel Day Parade march is mandatory. 

The cost for the parade is $15 per child. Please fill out the form below and submit payment by May 15, 2017.


In the upcoming weeks, the parade committee will be looking for volunteers for the projects listed below in addition to parent support on the day of the parade. 

Adults with artistic skills needed to assist in painting the large presentation banner (specifically painting skills). 

Adults and children to paint and assemble props

Adults on June 4th to ride on the bus with the kids 


Please indicate on the form if you would like to get a ride to and from the parade. 

Space is limited and will be assigned on a first come first serve basis. 

Please note that all 4th & 5th grade students are expected to ride on the bus to the parade. 


Please consider sponsoring this event and help us make it possible. 

Sponsorship levels:

הכותל המערבי (The Kotel) - $250

רחובות ירושלים (Streets of Jerusalem) - $100

חומות ירושלים (Walls of Jerusalem) - $50

שערי ירושלים (Gates of Jerusalem) - $18

Click Here to Sponsor

Please fill out the sections of the form that are appropriate for you (The 3 sections are: 4th & 5th Graders, Spectators and Marchers, Busing for Parent Volunteers).  
Once you click "Submit" you will be taken to a payment page.

4th & 5th Graders
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Spectators & Marchers- Fill out only if you are purchasing extra hats (mandatory for marchers, optional for spectators)
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How many additional shirts would you like to order (other than 4th & 5th grade shirts)?
Busing for Parent Volunteers