Yeshivat He’Atid: Our Blended Learning Model

As printed in The Jewish Link of Bergen County:

By Mrs. Amanda Pransky, Blended Learning Coordinator

At Yeshivat He’Atid, there are a variety of components to our learning day. Many lessons begin in the community space, in which whole group instruction creates the opportunity for diverse learners to come together in enriching and meaningful discussion and conversation. We further implement our blended curriculum by utilizing a rotational model. The class is divided into groups based on differentiated learning styles and needs, and the groups circulate through learning environments as follows:

· Teacher-led centers, in which a targeted skill or topic is directly taught

· Independent work centers, in which students individually practice a skill

· Collaborative group centers, in which students work together on a creative project to demonstrate mastery of a skill or topic

· The learning lab, in which students complete lessons using an online content provider that has the capabilities to assess, diagnose, and remediate /enrich

These varied learning environments allow for more face time with the teacher in smaller groups, and even individually which in turn, fosters a meaningful relationship and learning environment between students and their teachers. The groups are determined based on the data that the teacher collects through class work, assessments, and observation, combined with the data generated by the students’ accomplishments using our online content providers. This unique and innovative model allows the teacher to teach, assess, diagnose, and remediate/enrich with an exceptional level of efficacy, all inside the classroom. Students are exposed to skills through a variety of mediums and are afforded the opportunity to explore and discover their personal learning styles on a daily basis at Yeshivat He’Atid.