The death of education. The dawn of learning.


Professor Stephen Heppell of Bournemouth University in Southern England recently predicted that the current generation “will see the death of education … and the dawn of learning.”

In a recent article in The Jewish Week, Rabbi Gil Perl reflects on "the crumbling of traditional borders and boundaries that have delineated and demarcated our educational system for over a century." Rabbi Perl, who serves as dean of Margolin Hebrew Academy/Feinstone Yeshiva of the South in Memphis, Tenn., is the founder of JconnecT, a distance learning program for Jewish teens. He believes that 21st century education will provide "new opportunities for authentic learning never before dreamt possible."

He encourages Jewish educators, parents, and community members to begin a conversation focused on the challenges Jewish day schools will face: "How are our children to navigate this ever-expanding universe of knowledge? How will they distinguish good information from bad, authenticity from speciousness? When they locate the information they want, will they know how to categorize it, synthesize it, and analyze it? When they create information will they know how to effectively market it, share it, and connect it?"

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