Birthday Club

Creating a Birthday Account is the perfect way to imbue your child’s birthday with the idea of tzedaka and giving on a day that’s usually all about “me.”  The Birthday Account allows your child to receive one gift card to Toys R Us or Amazon instead of multiple smaller gifts. 10% of the money collected will be donated to Yeshivat He'Atid in honor of your child’s birthday.  By participating in the Birthday Account program your child can take pride in commemorating his/her birthday with a huge mitzvah, and as an added bonus, choose his/her own present.  

Birthday Club runs during the school year.  
To participate in Birthday Club during the summer, or if you have any questions, please email


How It Works:

If you wish to give a Birthday Club gift just click the button below! Your gift of $10, less the 10% the Birthday Child donates to the school, will be added to the gift card. To cover payment processing fees, the total charge to you is $10.60

Please be sure to give your Birthday Club gift on or before the scheduled party date. 

Give a Birthday Club Gift

Birthday Children:
- Indicate on the invitation that your child has created a Birthday Account.
- Fill out the form below.
- You will receive the gift card around a week after your child's birthday, including a card letting you know who participated, as well as a certificate in recognition of your child’s donation.

Your Name *
Your Name
Name of Your Child *
Name of Your Child
Date of the Birthday Party *
Date of the Birthday Party

Pre-School Amazon Wish Lists

When celebrating a child’s birthday in school, the school’s policy encourages parents to buy a gift for the classroom in lieu of giving out goody bags to all the kids.  To make the process easier for you, the YHPA has created Amazon Wish Lists for each pre-school class.  The teachers have populated the lists with items, in a variety of price ranges, that they feel would enhance your child’s classroom.   


To purchase an item for your child’s class please follow these instructions:

1- Click the link for your child’s class

2- Find an item you would like to give and add it to your cart

3- When checking out, the school’s address will be an option for shipping

Please email us whenever you buy something off the Wish Lists so we know who to thank!


Pre-K- Morah Iris

Pre-K- Morah Naomi

K- Morah Leora

K- Morah Limor & Morah Tzippy

K- Morah Janice &  Morah Meredith