Trying to figure out what new side dish or
dessert to make for Thanksgiving?


We are pleased to announce the Fifth Annual Yeshivat He'Atid Bake Sale!


The online sale will take place Sunday, November 12 - Thursday night, November 16.  We would love to have a variety of things to sell such as pies, challah, cakes, cookies, pastries, trifles, kugels, or any side dishes appropriate for Thanksgiving or Shabbat dinner.

This year, we will only be running an online pre-sale, which means you can decide what you would like to purchase before pick up on Wednesday November 22.

When you sign up to bake:
You will have the option to fill in how many of your dish you would like to make.  

For example- if you are baking cookies, you can decide to bake 3 plates of cookies. If all three are purchased you would make 3 plates of cookies and they will be picked up by those who ordered them.  If only 2 are purchased, you only need to bake 2 plates of cookies. 

If you would like to bake for the sale, please sign up, using the link below, by November 5th.  We will then open the sale on Sunday, November 12th and it will be open until Thursday night, November 16th.

Baking and Packaging:
Please keep in mind that the items will be delivered during carpool pick up so we would prefer that they not need refrigeration/freezing. 

All items MUST BE NUT FREE. (No ingredients may be made in a facility that processes nuts.)

Please follow the link at the bottom of this page for the google spreadsheet to fill in what you would like to make as well as any potential allergens it will contain (e.g.- soy, eggs, gluten...).  Since the bake sale is taking place outside of the school, items do not need to be nut free, however, all allergens must be noted on the label.

Feel free to sign up to make more than one thing. We would love to have as much participation as possible. 

According to the kashrus policy, you will need to follow the following guidelines:
All products must have an acceptable kashrut symbol. Some acceptable kashrut symbols include OU, OK, Star K and Chaf K. 
All items must be Parve. In order to be considered Parve the oven should not be used for 24 hours for dairy. If it has been used, turn the oven to the highest temperature for one hour prior to baking. 

Please ask Rav Ronen if you have any questions about any kashrut issues. 

Dropping Off Food

 All items should be brought on a tray and wrapped in cellophane or nice saran wrap. Drop-off will be on Sunday, November 19th (11AM-6PM) at the Sadek home (35 Van Valkenburgh Ave, Bergenfield) or on Tuesday, November 21st after 5:30 pm the Sadek home.

If you need to make alternate arrangements, please contact to arrange an alternate drop off time.

Picking Up Orders

All items that are purchased through the online sale can be picked up at one of the following times:

At the Sadek home (35 Van Valkenburgh Ave in Bergenfield ) on Tuesday, November 21st or Wednesday, Novemeber 22nd from 4PM-8PM.


Link to the sign-up spreadsheet.